OVERCOMING Condemnation

This is what many consider to be the most important chapter in what might be the most important book in the Bible.

I didn’t make it past the first verse.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Romans 8

 1THEREFORE, [there is] now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live [and] walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.

I spent an entire week on this one verse because I think there might not be a more important topic for Christians than condemnation. And I’m not just talking about our status with God. Almost every Christian believes that one day there will be no condemnation for us because of the sacrifice of Jesus. But few live in light of the truth that there is no condemnation for us now because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

In Christ you are free.  Now.
In Christ you are holy. Now.
In Christ you are pure. Now.

I firmly believe that more Christians are derailed by condemnation than by loose living. And I think the root of the problem lies in the fact that we allow ourselves to be deceived by the devil’s lies and half-truths regarding condemnation.

So part of what I want to do is present truths designed to expose condemnation for what it is and what it does to us. I came up with 17. So I promised everyone that I would give all 17 here to help you as you fight the temptation to condemn yourself for something that Christ has already covered.

So if you’re tempted at all this week to give in to the condemnation that Christ has already received on the cross for you, remember this:

-Condemnation operates through the power of suggestion.
-Condemnation is counterfeit conviction.
-Condemnation highlights the need for change. But paralyzes your potential to do it.
-Condemnation tries to turn a momentary lapse into a permanent condition.
-Condemnation is God’s correction without God’s kindness. And this is not God’s way. (Rom. 2:4)
-Condemnation is over-identification with what you’ve done and disassociation from who you are in Christ.
-Condemnation is the master of the half-truth.
-Confrontation builds you up, calls you higher. Condemnation beats you down.
-Condemnation loves comparison and competition.
-Condemnation leads to arrested development.
-Condemnation can be a copout because it keeps you locked-in to lowered expectations.
-Condemnation likes to pull out footage from the home video archives.
-Condemnation operates through selective memory.
-Condemnation only operates in the shadows. It tries to make you believe that the shadow of your real self is your real self.
-Condemnation is the operating system that constantly crashes.
-If condemnation can’t keep you in the past, it will convince you to defer to the future.
-Condemnation’s theme song is, “Don’t expect too much from yourself.”

-Romans 8:1 says that there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Not there will one day be no condemnation.




01 2011

Make Room For JESUS

As we begin not only a new year but a new decade, I feel it is important to make room for Jesus in every area of our lives.

God made places before He made people (Gen 1)

Places matter to God.

Every place that God created, has a purpose that God designed.

There was Gethsemane for Jesus (Matthew 26:36-56)

The upper room for the 120 (Acts 2).

Why is a place for the Presence of Jesus so important?

Intimacy requires a place.

Intimacy cannot happen everywhere, only somewhere.

We make a garage for our car, a safe for our valuables, even a guest room for people that visit only a couple of times per year, but no place for the one who meets us every day.

A place set aside for the Holy Spirit, where nothing else happens there, but your fellowship with Him, allows you to be with Him there, unlike you could be with Him anywhere else.

A place set aside for the Holy Spirit  allows you to create “Memories of your Communion,” not “Memories of your Interruptions,”

If His presence has no place, it will have no memory.

If His presence has no memory, it will have no longevity.

So today I encourage you to make a Place, a Secret Place, a Worship Place, and a Learning Place!


01 2010


Well, I just got back from spending a great weekend away at an amazing men’s conference in Tacoma. The preaching was incredible! Pastor Kevin Gerald preached on being a Spiritual Father in the House of God, very compelling and inspiring. Pastor Ed Young , Jr. Preaching about Rescuing the lost around us who are drowning. Breakthrough Men had a blast together and we were challenged to take our living to a “HNL” Hole Nutha Level”! Fellas, let us Rise Up out of complacency and get our “As” in Gear and truly begin to be about our Father’s Business!


10 2009

Fight Strategically, Not Stressfully.

You don’t need to know your enemy, as much as you need to know what the Holy Spirit is saying about your enemy.

He told David to get 5 smooth stones and a sling

He told Moses to use a rod

He told Jesus to speak the Word

You see the moment the One who has never known defeat speaks into your “Crisis”, you cease to be defaeted anymore.

Your enemy knows the Holy Spirit does not fight to defend Himself, He fights to bring resolution.

Your enemy’s only hope of suceeding against you and I in adversity, is to keep us fighting with the “Wrong Weapons.”



The moment the Holy Spirit becomes involved with your adversity, He brings an end.

He operates by a standard that far supercedes the demonic realm, called Power!

Let’s all remember: Devils do not defy the Holy Spirit, they “Cope” with Him.

So stay FOCUSED on the Greatness of your GOD!


08 2009


The Holy Spirit is a person.

He is not a white bird, a cloud, a wind,a euphoria that surrounds the Throne of God, or even a “Charismatic Bartender” that pours us out emotional drinks that make us feel good all the time.

He is not God’s “Errand Boy” for “Signs and Wonders.”

Who He is, matters more than what He does.

You will never appreaciate what He does, until you appreaciate who He is.

He is a Person.

You cannot develop a daily relationship with Holy Spirit until you know He is a person.


It’s impoossible to be mentored by a symbol.

Relationship is only possible with a person.

What makes Him so wonderful as a person, is a person can feel your pain, understand your purpose, and instruct your potentional.

What makes Him so wonderful, is the relational privelege of a “Two-Way Exchange,” not a “One-Way” Street.

So to Flesh this thing Out:

Talk Simply to Him, because profoundness does not impress Him, like simplicity does.

Talk Honestly,He wants us to be Transparent with Him.

Talk Openly, Because He Loves You and Wants to Lead You As Only He can!


07 2009

What Is Your Complaint?

What’s your problem? What’s your issue?What can’t you stand?What won’t you put up with? What do you have an attitude about? What bothers you about the church?What keeps you awake at night, besides that you work the graveyard shift? What drives you crazy and gets you up on your “soap box” thumping the table in protest?

Here you will find your life’s cause and calling. Your irritation is your ministry. What you can’t stand is what you were put here to stand up for.

When you can answer this question I know you will discover what makes you tick, you will discover your primary purpose!


06 2009

An Early Father’s Day Gift!

I just got back from a day away in the mountains with a group of awesome men from our church! We had a blast, it was a get away for Father’s and sons to connect. We laughed, fellowshipped, ate…..,ate……, ate……, and of coarse did what the Breakthrough Crew does best, FISH! I absolutely love the men of God at Breakthrough!!! We know how to have a good time, you should join us sometime!


06 2009


There are a lot of things being said about thinking outside of the box in today’s culture, However I want to talk about keeping the Holy Spirit out of the box.

  • The Holy Spirit will only be as big to you, as you let Him.
  • The Holy Spirit will only effect the areas of our life’s He has access to.

When you “box Him in,” “you box Him out.”

  • He will meet you and I where we are, but He will not stay where we are, we will have to come up to where he is.
  • He will not “shrink,” you will have to “grow.”

How do we box Him in?

We don’t realize, we are designed to flow with Him, He is not designed to flow with us.

Our agenda is never as critical as His purpose, His purpose will always Prevail!

Let the Holy Spirit be BIG in your life today:


  • Surrendering all to HIM.
  • Consulting HIM. You only want to operate according to His opinions.
  • Don’t be afraid of More. Anything He shows you is Proof He believes it is attainable!

I truly am Challenged and Motivated to KNOW the Holy Spirit, and I want you to know Him also. Start your Pursuit Today!


06 2009

Coming Soon!

Just getting things set up here. Keep coming back to see what’s new!


04 2009